I am so happy that you are interested in having me take your senior pictures!  I look at each session as an adventure, and my lens as a way to capture you in your true form.  This might be you hanging out your car window (Tori, pictured above), or you, running through a forest. Everyone is unique- and your pictures should be too.  That's why I'm having you take this survey! 


This is NOT the time for one word answers.  If you don't answer these wholeheartedly and truly, I cannot guarantee that your pictures will be completely YOU.  This is my chance to get to know you before our shoot, so I can make you shine! 


Please complete the form below

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Don't worry, I'm not going to send you any dog memes (unless you want me to...) This is so I can have another way to communicate with you besides email :)
Please write in at least 2 dates that work well for you. If you're not sure, please give me a few days of the week that you prefer. I cannot guarantee this date, but I will try my best.
List it below so I can follow ya! Also, I find that Instagrams are a great representation of what's important to you- so it will help me get to know you!
I define passions as something you don't mind waking up early for. For me, that's taking photos. But for you, it could be art, writing, sports, etc.
These don't have to be associated with school!
I love documentaries, cookie dough ice cream, and the smell of pine trees.
If you have a location in mind already-great! Write it below. If you don't, that's cool too! Some examples of location types are Urban, Greenery, or Desert. Feel free to get super specific- it will help me brainstorm.
Any questions or concerns for me? Write it below, and I'll tackle it in my next email to you.

You finished! Expect a reply from me in about 3-5 days with possible consultation dates, and dates for your senior session!